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Whats the most Iconic Americian Car

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  • 16-06-2020
Whats the most Iconic Americian Car

What are the most iconic American cars? Well, that's a personal choice and preference. 

The list below shows some of the best iconic, popular and classic American cars ever made. These vehicles were iconic back when they were built and are still great iconic cars to this day. Whatever you may think, you have to agree these cars are all iconic today.

Cadillac Eldorado 1959 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Cadillac Eldorado


The Cadillac Eldorado is a luxury car manufactured and marketed by Cadillac from early 1952 to 2002 over twelve generations. One of the fascinating car designs of the time of the 1950s was General Motors' Cadillac 1959 models. The models were designed under the direction of the late Bill Mitchell, Chuck Jordan, and  Dave Holls. This car's presence is undeniable. 

The 1959 Cadillacs are famous for having the enormous tail fins. However, there is so much more to the design than those specific styling elements. A line of polished chrome traces the car front to rear which accentuates the body's low, long shape. At the corners of the hood, there are a pair of mini fins. These mini fins provide a much-needed frame of reference for those daring enough to get behind its wheel. Cadillac prices were generally higher for 1959, with the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado going for $7,400 and up. The Eldorado was either near or at the top of the Cadillac line. 

The 1959 Cadillac is famous for its huge sharp tailfins with dual bullet tail lights, it has two distinctive rooflines and roof pillar configurations, new jewel-like grille patterns and matching deck lid beauty panels. 

Chevrolet Corvette 1963 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Chevrolet Corvette


This is the second generation of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car, it was made and manufactured by the Chevrolet division of General Motors. The 1963 Corvette Sting Ray had not only a new design, but also newfound handling prowess. The Sting Ray was also quite considerably lighter Corvette, so acceleration was improved despite the unchanged horsepower. 

During the 1963 model year, there were 21,513 cars built, which was up 50 per cent from the record-setting 1962 version. The production of these vehicles was divided almost evenly between the convertible and the new coupe – 10,919 and 10,594, respectively. Staggeringly more than half the convertibles were ordered with the optional lift-off hardtop.

Willys Jeep 1943 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Willys Jeep


Mass-produced in the United States was one of the first military vehicles. There were 361,339 Willys Jeeps produced November the 8th 1941 and September the 21st 1945. It soon became become the ubiquitous, "world-famous" jeep. It had many standard features such as 6.00x16 tires, 60 horsepower at 4,000 rpm. 

There was a gasoline can bracket was fitted on the left rear. There were provisions for trailer lights, spark interference suppression, a light blackout system, twin top bows and sealed spring shackles.

Chevrolet Tri-Five 1955 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Chevrolet Tri-Five


The Chevy 55 as it is affectionately known is an automobile which was introduced by Chevrolet in the Autumn of 1954 for the 1955 model year. It was considered a huge turning point for the manufacturer and was a significant success. It was available in three models: the Bel Air, 150 and 210, and was the first successful Chevrolet with an optional V8 engine. 

Chevrolet also drastically changed its body design. The 1955 Chevrolet model had smooth straight panels on the sides and hood. As well as the flatter straighter panels, the 1955 Chevy also had modern cues like triangular-shaped tail lights that would jut outward and had wrap-around glass on its windshield.

Shelby Cobra 289 1962 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Shelby Cobra 289


To the American market this British-American car is known as the Shelby Cobra, back in the British market it is known as the AC Cobra. This sports car with a Ford V8 engine and was produced intermittently in both the UK and the US since 1962. The cars were built in the factory and shipped in bare metal without engines and gearboxes to Shelby American Inc in Los Angeles. 

It is here they would then be completed, and road-tested ready for driving. The Cobra's tubular frame supports robust mechanical components, and it includes the 289 V-8 engine and five-speed manual transmission and dual-piston four-wheel disc brakes as well as Spicer split-spline half-shafts. The Cobra took the sports car racing world by storm when introduced by Carroll Shelby and his band of hot rodders in 1962.

Jeep Wagoneer 1963 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Jeep Wagoneer


The 1963 Jeep Wagoneer was the first SUV in the Wagoneer era, it reigned from 1963-1991. In 1963 the Jeep Wagoneer came in both a 2-door and a 4-door model. It was one of the first SUVs to combine comfort with power; it was the type of vehicle that you could drive through or up just about anything.

The 1963 Jeep Wagoneer was also an SUV that could be used as a day-to-day family car. The Jeep Wagoneer was on the SUV market for 28 years. This SUV was built for strength, power and comfort. The 1963 Jeep Wagoneer was one of the direct forefathers of the present-day SUV.

Ford Mustang 1964 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Ford Mustang


The first Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly line on March the 9th, 1964, it was a little over a month later, on April the 17th, it was introduced to the public at New York World's Fair. It was such a fantastic first car, that before the day was over, Ford had secured 22,000 orders for the vehicle at dealerships across the country.

The Ford Mustang was based initially on the Ford Falcon compact named after the Southern Methodist University Mascot. The first Mustang produced was a white convertible with red interior rolled off the assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan on March the 9th 1964. This Mustang was the most successful product launch in automotive history, setting off near-pandemonium and frenzy at Ford dealers across America.

Pontiac GTO 1964 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Pontiac GTO


Manufactured by the American automobile manufacturer, the Pontiac GTO was produced between 1964 to 1974.  The Pontiac GTO first generation was the first performance American muscle cars built in the 1960s and the 1970s. 

Some consider that the Pontiac GTO started the trend with all four domestic automakers offering a variety of competing models. The first Pontiac GTO model was available in coupe', hardtop and convertible body styles. Over the ten years, the GTO was produced, Pontiac sold more than a half-million cars.

Dodge Viper RT/10 1989 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Dodge Viper RT/10


The Dodge Viper RT/10 was meant to replicate the success of the Shelby Cobra. The Viper concept was the product of the Chrysler executive Bob Lutz and the chief designer Tom Gale.

It followed an enthusiastic response to the concept car's debut at the 1989 Detroit Auto Show, Chrysler pulled together a dedicated 'Team Viper' to push the car into production in less than three years.

Lincoln Continental Mark III 1969 - Most Iconic Americian Cars

Lincoln Continental Mark III


The Continental Mark III is a  personal luxury car and was marketed by the Ford Motor Companies Lincoln division from the 1969 model through to the 1971 model years. The Lincoln Continental Mark III was marketed as the flagship vehicle of the Ford Motor Company. 

It served as a successor to the 1956–1957 Continental Mark II.  Every example of the Mark III was produced as two-door hardtop coupes. The Lincoln Continental Mark III was based on the Thunderbird's. The distinctive side-rail frame was identical to the Thunderbird's, the Mark III bore almost 300 lb (140 kg) more bodywork than the Eldorado. 

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